To Be Or Not To Be

Or should the question be “To let Bale stay – or to Bale Out?”
Of course, in common with virtually every Spurs fan I would dearly love to see GB line up alongside our high price newbies Paulinho and Soldado as it is such a mouthwatering prospect but – and it is a big but – what about the money? Can we as a club afford to turn down a sum of such magnitude? – whether it is only 85M, whether it is 100M or whether it is even higher.
What if his form deteriorates – possible if his heart is no longer at the club? What if he gets injured, on or off the pitch? What would his value be to another club in six or twelve months, and would they still be queuing at our door to prize him away? The answer is we do not know, but if Real Madrid are willing to offer an exhorbitant amount then why not take the money?
He is a rare commodity, like a Picasso which may be valued just as highly, but is GB worth that much? A Picasso is only a painting afterall, GB is only a footballer, yet people do pay silly money for things they think they need and Real Madrid think they need Bale.
The problem, though, is not so much the amount of money but that Real have, apparently, offered us barely one-fifth up front with the remainder being paid over 5 or 6 years. This would mean that if we wanted to buy a replacement – or even a whole host of replacements – we would need to find a bank willing to lend us the balance and accept the word of Real Madrid that they will pay up over the time period. With the state of the Spanish economy that seems unlikely.
Perhaps this is why Snr Perez of Real Madrid is due to meet the awesome duo that is Levy and Lewis of THFC within the next couple of days. Oh to be a fly on that wall !
Of course there is the possibility of us being presented with one, two or even three current Madrid players – including a fine left back, a promising young striker and even a Croatian who only left us a year ago – but what we really need is sufficient in the bank now – and I do mean now – to go out and buy the players who will fill the void. And that void is getting bigger by the day with Caulker and Dempsey on the move.
To be fair Dempsey was never in my thinking for this season and to offload him for more than we paid last season has got to be splendid business. Caulker on the other hand looks a strange decision. He was touted as our future centre half, possibly even England´s starting CB, but after a year playing well on loan in Wales and then a good first half to last season he seemed to fall away. Was there something in his character that did not fit within the club? He did have a young child and is no longer with the mother, he has been in trouble with the Police on more than one occasion, but are these simply excuses rather than reasons? Only time will tell.
With Kaboul still on the way back from his massive layoff, Vertonghen likely to miss the first couple of games with a knee injury sustained in Hong Kong and Dawson not travelling to Monaco due to a minor injury we are now left woefully short in defensive players. The pairing of Livermore and Fryers was never going to be able to withstand the onslaught of Falcao and Co yesterday. Would we want to see them as our defensive duo against QuePasa, Swansalona and Le Arse – let alone Europa League fixtures – come the start of the season in two weeks? Why then was Caulker allowed to leave so quickly?
But I digress.
A few weeks ago I penned an article which suggested that our 25 man squad shoud have two 11 man teams each consisting of players in a 4-3-3 system plus 3 others. At that time it seemed likely that Villa would be our next man in. Instead he moved – for less money but due to prevaracation – to Madrid (the other one) and in his place we obtained yet another Belgian international – Chadli – who looked lively without setting the world (or anything else) on fire yesterday.
Allowing for the fact that I still expect more players to depart, the squad currently looks like –
Goaolkeepers – Lloris, Friedal
Defenders – Walker, Naughton, Dawson, Vertonghen, Kaboul, BAE, Rose (+1)
Midfielders – Sandro, Dembele, Paulinho, Holtby, Carroll, (+1)
Attackers – Soldado, Defoe, Siggy, Lennon, Chadli, (+1)
Three others – Livermore, Townsend (+1)
All this assumes that GB does indeed leave and we have time to replace him with four players and that those players do not include those that we are still trying to rid ourselves of – Gomes, Parker, Thudd, Adebayor. Of course if we managed to offload them at an average of 5M each yet another 20M gets added to the warchest. And if we do get Coentrao, then we might get around 8-10M for Benny.
Assuming that we already had enough in reserve to cover the cost of bringing in Paulinho, Chadli and Soldado (in excess of 50M by my reckoning) and with the 15M or so received from the sales of Caulker and Dempsey, and if we got an initial 20M from Real Madrid plus a couple of players, who else should we go for with the money we do have?
Another cheeky bid for my favourite Leandro Damiao seems highly unlikely but he is a player who would bring a different dimension to our play. He could easily replace GB and give us even more invention, even more goals and at 25M he would cost barely a quarter of what we might be getting. And as another Brazilian he speaks Portuguese – so team talks should be easy to understand.
And as a parting thought – What price a Brazil v Belgium World Cup Final next year with no less than six Spurs players lining up?
Secretary Spurs Supporters Spain
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