The Dynamics Of Team Selection

I know that we are supposed to take it one match at a time – a much loved cliché – but when we have two up and coming fixtures of the likes of ours there is always room to make allowances, rotate the squad and field a different team. So, before considering the game tomorrow the real question has to be – who will take to the EmuRat pitch on Sunday?
If we take the eleven that commenced against Swansolona as a starting point, how many of these should be in the team and who, if anyone, should replace them?
If we were to pick our best eleven players at the club, no doubt Bale would be there but he isn´t even in the country – apparently – and his head appears to have disappeared up his own backside so we won´t even go there at the moment.
Dawson will eventually be replaced by Kaboul, while Dembele making way for Sandro looks ever more likely, and up front Lennon in for either Townsend or Chadli may make sense, but in all three cases are the players coming in fully fit, are they match fit? Could they do with a run out against weaker opposition to assist in their recovery? And in the latter case (Lennon) is he actually better than the ever improving duo that are currently playing?
Assuming therefore that we start against Le Arse with exactly the same eleven that were there last weekend, who starts against Undinamic Terriblisi tomorrow? Simple answer – everyone and anyone not in that team – meaning a line up something like?
Naughton – Kaboul – Fryers – BAE
Holtby – Sandro – Carroll
Lennon – Defoe – Siggy
Obviously this depends on whether BAE is fit but with a whole host of under 21s rarely to get on the bench playing one of the youngsters – Kevin Stewart for example – would not be too outrageous. Surely the team quoted would have enough quality to ease us into the group stages of the Europa League. It is already a dead and done tie with us 5-0 up and the advantage of the away goals rule – so unless we play really badly and Undinamic do something truly amazing – we will progress.
If necessary, Kaboul and Sandro could play the first 45 minutes and if their fitness is proven they could then make the team on Sunday.
As ever match is being shown live at both Moores Bar and La Mariposa – kick off 9;05pm Spanish time.
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