Something new at Spurs Supporters Spain

Maybe not exactly new but well worth waiting for.
For those of you who have been members since the very beginning of SSS, and have paid all their dues, the new baseball caps are now available for collection – from Thursday evening but only after the game please – and after that only on match days.
Our parent company (?) – one Tottenham Hotspur Football Club – are currently asking all supporters groups around the globe to join in and get involved with a venture as they would like as many photos as possible of all of us wearing the new HP shirts.
Whilst I know a few of you are actually wealthy enough, or well connected enough, to have these already, some of us mere mortals are having to wait until Father Christmas – or in my case my son Martin (and yes he is on this mailing list) – arrives. to get our new kit.
Still that is not going to stop a good photo opportunity.
So, on Sunday afternoon before the match against Wet Spam I am suggesting that we all turn up in whatever THFC attire we have – the more different, even the more ancient (and I know some of you are seriously ancient) the better. We will be taking photos galore – I just hope my little old box camera is up to the task – and in case anyone doesn´t want to be recognised we even have a few face masks as disguises. Whilst a few pics might get as far as the main THFC site we will definitely be putting as many as we can onto our newly revamped SSS website.
And whilst conveniently on that subject, the SpursSupportersSpain website has indeed been given an overhaul with some new pictures and quite a lot of new text plus a slightly changed layout – so have a look and see what you think. In particular the Articles page has been changed dramatically as all my email missives – and any that any of you would like to send in – are now being republished here. However, remember you still get the news first via direct email, but if you want to respond and post your comments that is the place to do it. Do not reply to my emails – Alan, Phil are you listening ?
The aim is for the site to be placed directly onto which will mean that anyone accessing the Spurs Media Watch section of the main THFC website will also get to look at our website – thereby increasing our chance of getting new members and possibly even more bars and venues throughout Spain. A worthwhile adventure in itself.
And within a few days you will also be able to access the website through a much shortened address – – courtesy of Ismael Khan up in Barcelona. And whilst thanks are being handed out – thank you so much to Chrissy at Rosa Web Design for all the work she has put in getting it all ready – and she isn´t even a yid – just going out with one !!
In other news, our Twitter site (@spainspurs) has broken through the magic 1882 barrier and so congratulations to Martyn Hill @THFCMart  – whoever you might be. Get in touch and your pressie will be on the way.
Facebook is expanding, apparently – even if I don´t actually know how it works or have a page let alone a password – but that might well change in the very near future. I have managed to sneak a look at what is on Spurs Supporters Spain Facebook and I am impressed – mighty impressed. I might even be tempted to partake – You have been warned !!!
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