Return Of The Beasts

Wasn´t it great to see the twins back in action?
Kaboul and Sandro have “enjoyed” so much time together in the treatment room they now look almost identical – same size and build, same haircut almost, same dynamics about the pitch – now I really cannot wait for the start of the season. Next weekend´s fixture may be a little premature to see them both start but they should be ready for Le Arse at the beginning of September.
Yesterday was also the first real chance to see Soldado and Paulinho – both of whom looked lively and effective in their own ways and both got in on the goalscoring even if one was disallowed while the other was from the spot. Chadli looked even better but he has had a couple more outings than the other two,
And so the selection nightmares may well have begun already for snr AVB. Who will start and who will miss out altogether?
With seven days to go before the trip to Selhurst Park – or is it the 12Bet Stadium now (who really cares) – we have the chance to get another of the walking wounded up and running as Big Jan thinks he may be fit to take part. All this and the ongoing will-he-wont-he saga surrounding our Welsh wizard. It will be interesting to see if he plays for Wales on Wednesday and whether he picks up another convenient knock to keep him out of the team.
Also, will Perez come up with the goods (now reportedly 100M straight cash or 85M plus players) or will he back away into his own little corner of the Bernabau never to be heard of again.
Will we get any new signings and if so who will it be? Etienne Capoue, Fabio Coentrao, Christian Eriksen and Toby Alderweireld have all been heavily mentioned recently as possibilites ( and I would love to see any or all of them at the Lane as all represent considerable upgrades on whoever they replace) but all are defensive minded – with the exception of Eriksen – yet even he is a midfielder when what we really need is more firepower up front.
If rumours are to be believed and Defoe can leave to QPR for just 6M, and with us nowhere near offloading Adebayor, we could start the season in as bad a situation – in relation to frontline strikers – as we were this time last season. Just two and one of them is a lanky moody Togan who we seemingly cannot give away – even if our last attempt was a crafty buy one get one free offer to Madrid.
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