Pre Season Friendly

Following the thumping of South China in the battle of the seven seas – well the pitch resembled one at times – we can get on with the real work ahead of the new season with the first of two really stern tests, starting with an away trip to Monaco – who have been spending freely in the past few months and have a much improved team from last year.
Should be interesting to see if either of the new boys – Paulinho and Chadli – finally get a look in or whether our returning beasts – Sandro and Kaboul – are considered fit enough to start or even participate, and whether we will ever see Bale in a THFC shirt again.
Throughout the summer I have been adamant that he would not leave but now that we are faced with what might be an 85M bid who knows what is in the mind of Daniel Levy. That sort of money could do so much for the squad but would it send out the wrong message to the other members of the team and to those who we might be looking at buying?
The Monaco game is being shown live at Moores Bar and La Mariposa – kick off 6:30pm Spanish time.
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