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We are frequently asked by other Spurs fans either living or holidaying in Spain as to where they can watch the team on a regular basis and to be honest there aren´t that many options outside of the southern Costa Blanca and Murcia regions where we are currently represented.

We have approached and been approached by a few bars in various parts of the country – including Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and the Costa del Sol – but all to no avail so far.

The first problem we face is finding bars which are actually owned and run by hardened Spurs fans – we cannot expect a Gooner to turn his pub into a haven for THFC every week – so if there is anyone out there who has been in a pub or bar anywhere in Spain (or Portugal for that matter) that has more than its fair share of Spurs sporting memorabilia on its walls please let us know.

If you run such a bar – so much the better – get in touch now and we can discuss making your bar a fully fledged affiliate of Spurs Supporters Spain so you and your customers can get the benefits of being officially associated with THFC.

All we ask is that you show Spurs games on a regular basis which obviously means you will need full Arabic TV systems as well as SkySports.

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