A Win Is A Win

So it was only one-nil and it was only a penalty but it was, at least, a win.
We have a winning start to the season – somewhat unusual as I cannot recall when that last happened. It may only be two or three seasons but it does seem like more. Equally it seems as long since we had a penalty – none in the Premiership at all last season – and now two in two matches even if one was a friendly. And now even better, someone capable of converting them.
Our victory may have been overshadowed by wins for Manure and Chelski where their new Managers will be getting more headlines than their players but three points puts us well ahead of Le Arse already – let´s just keep that gap all through the season.
League debuts for all four major signings and all showed what they are capable of. Capuoe only played 30 minutes but he still lead the table for defensive interceptions. Chadli looked more and more lively as the game progressed, and began to overrun the opposition defence. Soldado was everywhere up front involved and involving, and when he got the chance he was as cool as they come. Paulinho went about his business almost in the background destroying effectively without being obvious, creating and cajouling. Some made him MotM – but for me it was Lloris.
Commanding at the back, claiming high balls with aplomb, acting as a sweeper coming off his line to tackle and deflect opponents off target and at the very death making a couple of very decent saves to protect the lead.
Did anyone else catch the eye? No not really. Walker and Lennon worked the right flank efficiently but – the penalty apart – were not effective. Dawson and Vertonghen proved a formidable back duo but were rarely stretched due to the lack of quality from the opposition. They will face stiffer tests ahead. Rose got forward as often as he could but again did not show enough real quality while Dembele did what he does, picks up the ball, shields it and moves it on – again efficient without being effective. Siggy did manage a few decent touches and had a reasonable strike on goal but then missed a better chance, while Defoe had little to do when he came on and scuffed his only opportunity. Kaboul had little too time to impress.
It was only the first game of the season, and we did not play well. Que Pasa were out to stop us for most of the match and did so – while trying to catch us on the break. We had more possession, more attempts and gained more points – the last of which is the most important statistic of the day.
And on a personal note, after the game I ventured into the stronghold of the enemy, the bar appropriately called Que Pasa, where I was set upon – not by QP fans – but by those of Le Arse who were unhappy with my justifiable crowing. And then home to an interview with BBC World Service about the match where my opponent was a QP fan from New York who gracefully admitted defeat.
If only every match day were so sweet.
Secretary Spurs Supporters Spain
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