A Promising League Start For Tottenham

Heading into Week 5, the Barclays Premier League has picked up some momentum and it’s now appropriate to take a real look at how things are beginning to shape up. And for Tottenham Hotspur, it’s been a very strong start – in fact, stronger than many might have predicted. Considered something of a fringe competitor entering league play, Tottenham has come out with a bang, and now seem well positioned to compete toward the top of the standings throughout the season. With that said, let’s take a look at how things have gone so far, how Tottenham is projected moving forward, and what the immediate schedule looks like.

Just to recap: in Week 1, the Spurs opened with a somewhat bland 1-0 victory over Crystal Palace, with the lone goal coming on a Roberto Soldado penalty. Still, following the bitter exit of Gareth Bale, the strong start for Soldado and the club was welcome for fans. Week 2 brought more of the same, with a 58th minute PK by Soldado representing the only goal in a 1-0 win over Swansea. Week 3 saw the Spurs’ first defeat, a hard fought and ultimately respectable 1-0 loss to the streaking Arsenal, and in Week 4 Tottenham delivered an expected but impressive 2-0 win over Norwich City.

All of this has Tottenham currently sitting at 3rd in the league standings after 4 games played, and the sports betting authorities are starting to notice the momentum. At Betfair news, for example, where fixed odds are given for each club’s chance at winning the league, Tottenham are up to the 6th best odds, at 12/1, rounding out a group of contenders that stand significantly ahead of the rest of the field. Tottenham are also give 6/4 odds (good for 5th best) for a top-4 finish, and as a side note Roberto Soldado is tied for 3rd best odds for the Golden Boot. In short, the sports books seem to be coming around to Tottenham’s chances!

In terms of the immediate outlook moving forward, Tottenham has a real chance to continue to solidify a high position in the standings. This weekend the club has a winnable road game at Cardiff City, and in Week 6 there’s a real chance to steal a win against Chelsea at White Hart Lane, in what figures to be one of the league’s most intense matches to date. Follow that with a match against West Ham, and it’s quite conceivable Tottenham could jump to a 6-1 or 5-2 record (of course, with potential for a draw here or there).

There’s a long way to go yet in Premier League play. But Tottenham supporters couldn’t have hoped for a much more encouraging start to what looks to be a thrilling season.

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