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The End Of The Beginning

A very famous British statesmen once said – after the Battle of El Alamein – “This is not the end of the war, it is not even the start of the end, but it may be, perhaps, the end of the beginning”
I think I could forgive our gallant leaders, the triumvurate of Levy, Baldini and Boas of echoing some of those words: “This is not the end of our transformation into a European superpower, but it may be the end of the beginning of that process”. It has taken some time, many years in fact, but the transformation from mid-table obscurity just a decade ago into a team qualifying for Europe every season in the last seven years was the beginning, and now with the arrival of no less than 9 new players in this calendar year – all bar one of them 25 or under – it heralds the next step.
But is this the end of the journey or is just the end of the beginning of that journey? For me, it is just another step – albeit a huge step – in the right direction. Spending in excess of 110M may seem a lot but considering we already had around 90M in the coffers for purchases, and with sales of “ordinary” players amounting to close to 30M once Adebayor leaves, we will still have funds available for more signings and that does not include the massive windfall – however much it may be – once GB departs.
This year has seen us buy quality and youth in equal measure, starting with the arrivals of Fryers (age 20) and Holtby (22) in January, both now part of the first team set up as evidenced by their roles last Thursday. The summer transfer window started slowly as we struggled to bring in the first few names on our list but eventually we got Paulinho (25), then suddenly Soldado (28) and Chadli (24) to be followed by Capoue (25). We had to wait for the next arrival and as with all good things, not one but three came in all at once, with Lamela (21), Chiriches (23) and Eriksen (21) all being confirmed yesterday.
All this and still three whole days to the end of the window – what more could we ask for? Basically more of the same next year.
This Spurs team and squad is now far superior to anything that has gone before but we must not get complacent either on or off the pitch.
We still have to turn up for matches – every match – and aim to win.
And we must continue to strive for the best possible players to strengthen the team. I do not want to see us ever buy a player like Saha or Dempsey – who basically replaced no-one in particular but could “do a job for us”. When Defoe leaves, as he surely will within the next 12 months or so, I don´t want to see a like for like replacement, I want Damiao or some other truly world class striker, someone far superior to Soldado, someone who can take us into the next stage of our development.
The squad has to keep evolving but for now it is good start, it may be the end of the beginning but the beginning of what only time will tell.
Secretary Spurs Supporters Spain
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